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The following is a list of some settlements and verdicts obtained by Joye Law Firm’s South Carolina personal injury lawyers. The results listed are provided to be representative of the types of cases the law firm has experience handling. These results should not be considered as a description or characterization of the quality of the firm’s work and in no way should be interpreted as a guarantee of a specific result for a potential case.

The value of every case is determined based on specific factual and legal circumstances. In many cases, the amount of the recovery depends on the amount of available insurance coverage. Also, there may be legal restrictions on how much someone can recover even when they have sustained severe injuries.

For example, some of the results listed below refer to recoveries obtained on behalf of injured workers. The settlement amounts listed for those cases are based on third-party liability cases pursued against a party other than the worker’s employer since the amount which can be recovered under our workers’ compensation system is capped.

Joye Law Firm is proud of the results our South Carolina personal injury attorneys have achieved, but prior results should not and cannot be relied on to create any expectation about what can be recovered for a client in a subsequent case.

Case Settlements and Verdict

  • $262.5 million verdict for family of deceased child in an automotive product liability claim.
  • $12 million verdict for father and infant son killed in 18-wheeler wreck.
  • $7 million settlement in Product liability case.
  • $6 million verdict for a work truck accident.
  • $5.9 million settlement for a car accident.
  • $5 million settlement in product liability case.
  • $4.375 million for a tractor trailer case.
  • Two separate $3.86 million settlements of two families of two men killed in a tractor trailer accident.
  • $3.85 million for automobile accident.
  • $3.6 million settlement for man who needed neck surgery after he was rear-ended by an intoxicated construction company employee on the site
  • $3.5 million in dram shop action.
  • $3.5 million in a product liability claim.
  • $2.775 million settlement in a stairwell collapse case.
  • $2.5 million settlement for a car’s roof crush defect.
  • $2.5 million settlement for a defective door latch.
  • $2.3 million by moped driver hit by 18-wheeler.
  • $2.3 settlement for unsafe machinery.
  • $2.2 million verdict for spinal injuries in car wreck.
  • $2.15 million settlement for a three-story fall off a scaffolding.
  • $1.9 million settlement for a child killed by a car.
  • $1.8 million settlement for an elevator shaft fall.
  • $1.6 million settlement for slip and fall case.
  • $1.5 million settlement for automobile accident.
  • $1.4 million settlement for crush injuries.
  • $1.35 million settlement for T-bone collision.
  • $1.2 million settlement for a man hit by a car.
  • $1.15 million settlement for car accident.
  • $1.025 million settlement for tractor trailer case.
  • $1 million in a product liability case.
  • $975,000 settlement for man who sustained a back injury in a tractor trailer accident.
  • $900,000 for elderly woman who sustained multiple fracture injuries in an automobile accident.
  • $810,000 settlement for man who sustained electric shock injuries caused by a coffee machine.
  • $800,000 settlement for woman injured in a parking garage accident.
  • $750,000 settlement for woman who had neck and back surgeries after a car accident.
  • $740,000 settlement for railroad worker who fell off of a piece of equipment due to negligent maintenance, resulting in his sustaining multiple fracture injuries.
  • $750,000 for a West Virginia woman who had both legs broken after her motorcycle was rear-ended while she was traveling through South Carolina.
  • $675,000 verdict in Jasper County for woman who sustained a severe shoulder injury as the result of slipping on a cardboard box left on a store’s floor.
  • $600,000 for woman who sustained several fracture injuries when her vehicle was struck head-on by a car which crossed into her lane.
  • $599,000 settlement for family of a woman who was killed due to automobile “roof crush” defect.
  • $592,000 for a St. Stephen man who sustained a broken leg and facial injuries due to a T-bone accident.
  • $550,000 settlement for truck driver who had back surgery after an accident.
  • $550,000 settlement for rear-end Auto Accident causing a back injury.
  • $535,000 for a Lexington man who sustained multiple injuries as the result of a head-on car collision.
  • $525,000 settlement for a client that was involved in a hit-and-run automobile collision
  • $500,000 verdict in Georgetown County for man who sustained a non-surgical back injury in a car accident.
  • $500,000 for a Summerville woman who underwent a neck surgery after being involved in a disputed traffic light car accident.
  • $480,000 settlement for woman who fractured both heels as the result of a fall from a boat at a boat dealership.
  • $475,000 settlement for man injured by falling debris while working.
  • $450,000 settlement for family of child whose leg was severely broken due to falling merchandise in a store.
  • $405,000 settlement for man whose hand was crushed while working.
  • $375,000 and lifetime medical coverage for a truck driver who sustained a brain injury as the result of a tractor trailer crash.
  • $375,000 verdict for man who sustained a back injury in a car accident.
  • $350,000 settlement for woman who underwent back surgery after slip and fall accident.
  • $350,000 settlement for client that was injured in a head-on collision
  • $330,000 settlement for man injured in fall due to improperly marked wet floors.
  • $300,000 settlement for client that was rear-ended by a tractor trailer
  • $298,215 verdict for woman who had a neck surgery after an automobile accident.
  • $265,000 settlement for a client struck by a tractor trailer when the tractor trailer illegally changed lanes.
  • $265,000 settlement for a gentleman who was injured in a motor vehicle accident.
  • $250,000 settlement for a Mount Pleasant woman who sustained multiple non-surgical injuries after a head-on collision.

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