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Meet Ryan McCullar

Attorney Ryan McCullar represents people who have been injured in personal injury accidents such as car accidents and other motor vehicle accidents caused by the negligence of others. He also helps workers who have been injured on the job and need assistance obtaining workers’ compensation benefits. Ryan works out of Joye Law Firm’s Myrtle Beach office and represents clients in the surrounding area.

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From the very beginning I had everything explained to me and if I had any questions or needed further explanation it was always given to me. I can honestly say that I would never consult with any other firm when I felt that I needed representation and my family feels the same way.
-L.V., Actual Client

Ryan’s Approach When Meeting a Client

When Ryan first meets prospective clients, he tries to get to know them on a personal level and to reassure them that they have come to a law firm that will provide personalized attention and skilled representation.

“They are in a tough situation when they first come to us,” he says. “They want to tell you what is going on in their lives, and they want you to hear them out.”

Ryan has firsthand experience with overcoming injuries in a car crash, so he knows the disruption and financial stress that clients are experiencing when they seek legal assistance.

“I let them know that we care about them and how their injury is affecting their family,” he says. “With the Joye Law Firm, you are going to have a whole team working for you. Everyone at Joye Law is caring.”

He says the most satisfying aspect of his job is helping people in dire circumstances rebuild their lives and securing an outcome that is fair and positive for them.

Background and Inspiration

Ryan McCullar grew up in Simpsonville, a small town near Greenville, S.C. His father worked in the construction business, and his mother is a school administrator and teacher. He graduated from the University of South Carolina and Charleston School of Law.

When Ryan was a senior in college, he was injured in a collision caused by another driver. That experience and the legal guidance he received were formative in his decision to become a personal injury attorney so he could assist other people who need legal representation.

“Somebody ran a red light and t-boned me as I was leaving the business school,” he calls. “I was knocked unconscious and had four to six months of physical therapy. I had no idea of the impact that would have on my life.”

A family friend who is a lawyer helped Ryan pursue a personal injury claim and get the help he needed to recover from his injuries.

“I’ve been helped in my life by a close family friend who was an attorney,” he says. “He guided me as to what to do. Without having somebody like that there, there is no guidance. You feel lost.”

Passion for Helping Others

The experience prompted Ryan to attend law school so he could provide guidance to other people who are struggling to overcome serious injuries.

When not practicing law, Ryan enjoys spending time outdoors, including hunting, fishing, and playing golf.

Ryan serves on the board of directors of Carolina Adaptive Golf, a non-profit group that provides golf therapy to veterans recovering from physical and mental trauma as well as special needs adults and children dealing with physical, cognitive, and emotional challenges.

“I really want to help others,” he says. “Practicing law is a way for me to do that.”

  • University of South Carolina, Bachelor’s in Finance and Management, 2015
  • Charleston School of Law, Juris Doctor,  magna cum laude, 2019
  • Member, South Carolina Bar Association
  • Member, Trial Advocacy Board
  • Member, Business Law Society
  • Member, International Law Society
  • Member, Children’s Advocacy & Family Law Society
  • Member, Phi Delta Phi
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