Robert Williams loved riding his motorcycle, especially near the beach. One day another driver made an illegal turn in front of Robert’s motorcycle. Robert was seriously injured in the wreck and ended up losing his leg below the knee. After Robert’s motorcycle accident, his wife called the Joye Law Firm. Our accident attorneys got Robert and his family the money they needed to cover his mounting medical bills and future healthcare needs.

Unfortunately, Joye Law Firm client Robert Williams had his world turned upside down in one split second.

Robert was driving his motorcycle on Folly Road in Charleston. Suddenly, the fear that every motorcycle driver has become a reality. Another driver made an illegal turn in front of Robert causing him to lose control of his motorcycle. A crash occurred, and Robert was terribly injured. Robert was examined at the scene by Charleston County EMS. They found that he had open fracture wounds in his leg. His femur was protruding three to four inches from his skin, and his ankle was near amputation. He was then fully immobilized and taken to the MUSC Trauma Center.

Robert was hospitalized for nearly two weeks due to his injuries. During this time, he underwent three surgeries.

The first procedure involved irrigation or cleaning of the wounds, and debridement of his open fractures. The second operation involved the internal fixation of his fractures with metal plates and screws. Unfortunately, during this procedure, the doctors decided that the safest course remaining for Robert was the amputation of his leg below the knee.

The amputation procedure took place nearly a week after the accident.

Immediately after the accident, Robert’s wife hired the Joye Law Firm. She was very concerned about her husband’s medical condition, and she wanted to make sure that her family was protected.

After meeting with Mr. and Mrs. Williams, the Joye Law Firm had an investigator determine exactly what happened in the accident. Contact was made with the investigating officer, and statements were obtained to lock down the facts.

Several weeks after the accident, Robert’s lawyer also attended a traffic court hearing regarding the ticket issued to the offending driver. This was an important event, as the driver pled guilty to a violation of the traffic laws, thus conceding that he was responsible for causing the accident.

During this process, the Joye Law Firm had several communications with the other driver’s insurance company.

The firm also hired a rehabilitation nurse to oversee the treatment that Robert received. A life care plan was prepared, and numerous detailed meetings took place with Robert and his treating physicians to make sure that all of his medical conditions were known. In serious injury cases, having a qualified rehabilitation nurse assist in preparing a life care plan covering all of the future medical needs our client will have is crucial to obtaining a full recovery.

After making sure that the medical treatment was complete, the legal team at the Joye Law Firm prepared a detailed demand package for the insurance company.

This package included numerous photographs, all of the pertinent medical bills and records, and the life care plan prepared by the nurse. After negotiating the case for several months, the claim was resolved for $2,000,000.00. The terms of the settlement also provided a structured pay-out, which means that Robert has guaranteed monthly payments for 20 years.

Disclaimer: Past results do not guarantee future outcomes.