What is My South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Case Worth?

The amount of benefits that an injured person may receive when making a workers’ compensation claim is determined based on the specific nature of the injury.

Knowing what you can expect to obtain through a South Carolina workers’ comp claim is important so you’ll be prepared for your future and so you can make an informed choices if there is a dispute over benefits.

At Joye Law Firm, our attorneys provide free consultations to injured workers to help them understand what benefits they are entitled to. Our attorneys have also prepared a video that provides some general information on the factors that affect the value of your work injury claim.


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What Your Workers’ Compensation Case is Worth

As our attorneys explain in the video, the value of your case is determined by:

  • How much your average weekly wage was in the year prior to your work injury. You are entitled to wage-loss benefits equal to two-thirds of this amount, up to state maximums.
  • Which body part was injured. Each body part entitles you to a specific number of weeks worth of benefits, such as 300 weeks for a back injury.
  • How badly your injury permanently affected your health and ability to work.
  • Your age, work experience, job duties and education.

No two workers have exactly the same situation. Determining the amount of benefits you are entitled to is a complicated process.

Watch our video for more information on the factors that can affect your right to workers’ compensation benefits after an injury, and call Joye to schedule a free consultation.

Our workers’ compensation attorneys can help you understand how much your claim is worth and fight to get you the full amount of money and benefits you are entitled to. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.

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