police line do not cross

South Carolina Reporting Authority: South Carolina Highway Patrol and Florence County Coroner’s Office

Type of Accident: Pedestrian vs. Vehicle Accidents

Location of Accident: Florence County

Injuries: Fatal injuries

Description of Accident: The South Carolina Highway Patrol and Florence County Coroner are investigating two separate accidents that took the lives of two pedestrians in Florence County. In the span of hours, one accident was reported on Hoffmeyer Road near Lakewood Drive and another at U.S. 76 near Junkyard Road. The first wreck, which occurred around 8:40 pm on Wednesday, February 2 was caused by an unknown driver who fatally struck a pedestrian before feeling the scene. According to police reports, the second wreck occurred when a PT Cruiser was traveling West on Hoffmeyer Road when a Myrtle Beach man was fatally hit and killed.

Local media Coverage: WMBF News Initial Report

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