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Approximately 60,000 South Carolina men, women and children are coping with some form of traumatic brain injury (TBI). These injuries were caused by some violent external force – perhaps from a car crash, school sports accident, or slip-and-fall – that disrupted the normal functioning of the brain.

Every case of TBI is different, but treatment of even so-called “mild” cases can be expensive. More severe cases can be financially devastating. Family homes might have to be sold to cover medical bills. Life savings can be wiped out.

Nationwide, TBI costs victims nearly $60 billion annually in lost wages and medical care, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). To make matters worse, many TBI expenses are not covered under standard health insurance policies.

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South Carolina Traumatic Brain Injury Expenses

A mild TBI can cause temporary dizziness or a brief loss of consciousness. Treatment might be no more complicated than bed rest and over-the-counter pain relievers for headaches.

Severe cases can result in extended unconsciousness, coma or prolonged amnesia. Victims may be out of work for a long time or even permanently. They might need assistance performing daily functions such as dressing themselves and going to the toilet.

TBI affects not only the person who is injured. It is a family crisis. The financial and emotional burdens placed on loved ones can be overwhelming.

Here are some typical TBI expenses:

  • Ambulance and emergency room bills – These are often the first TBI costs, as victims are rushed from the scene of motor vehicle collisions and jobsite accidents to a hospital or other urgent care facility.
  • Hospital expenses – Extensive damage to the brain can require a long hospital stay. In extreme cases, patients lapse into a vegetative state. They may be completely unaware of their surroundings. Occasionally this condition is permanent, but usually TBI patients improve to where they can be discharged.
  • Prescription drugs – A variety of medications might be prescribed for TBI. Analgesics are administered for pain. Sleep aids are prescribed for insomnia. Diuretics, often given intravenously, help reduce pressure on the brain. Anti-inflammatory drugs relieve swelling in soft tissue. Anti-seizure pills curb violent attacks.
  • Surgical procedures – Surgery might be needed to minimize secondary damage to brain tissue. Common operations include removing clotted blood (hematomas) that put pressure on the brain, repairing skull fractures, removing pieces of skull in the brain, and opening a window in the skull to drain accumulated cerebral spinal fluid.
  • Nursing care – TBI patients might need home assistance or around-the-clock medical attention for the rest of their lives.

Rehabilitation and Therapy for TBI Patients

Most people who have had a significant brain injury will require rehabilitation. Therapy usually begins in the hospital and continues at an inpatient rehabilitation unit, a residential treatment facility or through outpatient services. The type and duration of rehabilitation varies by individual, depending on the severity of the brain injury and what part of the brain was injured.

Here are some types of rehabilitation specialists:

  • Physiatrist – This is a doctor trained in physical medicine and rehabilitation who oversees the entire rehabilitation process.
  • Occupational therapists – They help patients learn, relearn or improve skills to perform everyday activities.
  • Physical therapists – They assist with mobility and regaining motor skills.
  • Speech and language pathologists – They work on improving communication skills.
  • Neuropsychologist or psychiatrists – They manage the patient’s emotional and psychological well-being through talk therapy, group sessions and medication.
  • Social workers or case managers – They facilitate access to service agencies and coordinate the efforts of various professionals, care providers and family members.
  • Rehabilitation nurses – They provide ongoing care and coordinate discharge planning from the hospital or rehabilitation facility.
  • Traumatic brain injury nurse specialists – They are specially trained in TBI care and recovery.
  • Recreational therapists – They assist with leisure activities.
  • Vocational counselors – They identify appropriate work opportunities and help patients cope with common workplace challenges.

All of the above services cost money – sometimes a lot of it. A South Carolina brain injury attorney can help locate insurance policies, tap into financial sources and obtain the compensation you need and deserve.

Following are some of the recoveries Joye Law Firm has obtained for our brain injury clients:

  • $5.9 million settlement for a client who sustained brain injuries in a car accident.
  • $4.375 million settlement for a man who sustained severe head and facial injuries in a tractor trailer accident.
  • $3.5 million dollar settlement in dram shop action (case against store which negligently sold alcohol to a minor) for a woman who sustained severe head injuries in a car crash.

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Every case is different. Prior results should not and cannot be relied on to create any expectation about what can be recovered for a client in a subsequent case.

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