Darryl was a busy electrician. He had an established career and a great reputation. He prided himself on his ability to take care of his family through his hard work. However, one day that ability was taken away from him.

Despite a rigorous commitment to safety, what should have been a straightforward wiring job turned into a freak accident. Within seconds, electricity was racing through Darryl’s body, tossing him backward onto a concrete floor.

Darryl was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance. He would face a long recovery, including the need to surgically repair some of the damage that was caused. While Darryl was happy to be alive, the back of his mind was rattled with fears about his future prospects and his ability to take of his family. Would he ever return to the career he worked so hard to build?

Oftentimes injured workers don’t want to “rock the boat” with their employers, fearing they may lose their jobs. So, they try to avoid the workers’ compensation process altogether, some believing their employer will “do the right thing.” However, doing so puts your life and future in someone else’s hands, including the insurance company’s. That’s because while many injured workers believe their employer is the one making decisions about their care and compensation, these decisions are actually made by their employer’s insurance company. Workers’ compensation insurance companies have the same goal as all other insurance companies and that’s to make a profit. They do so by collecting as many premiums as possible and paying out as little on claims as possible. That doesn’t bode well for the interests of the injured worker.

Fearing for his future and his family, Darryl called the Joye Law Firm. He began working with Atty. Matt Jackson. Darryl felt reassured by Matt’s experience and the solid reputation of Joye Law Firm’s workers’ compensation team. Once unleashed, Matt fought tenaciously against the insurance company and their lawyers to make sure that Darryl could secure the future medical treatment he’d need and the financial compensation necessary to take care of his family. Matt and his team also worked hard to make sure that Darryl’s recovery and treatment wouldn’t damage his ability to receive Medicare benefits in the future. Protecting a client’s Medicare benefits is a serious, but often overlooked task when dealing with inexperienced workers’ compensation lawyers.

Although he wishes the incident had never occurred, to begin with, Darryl and his family were able to take comfort in knowing his medical and financial needs were secure thanks to the six-figure settlement Matt was able to negotiate on their behalf. Now, he doesn’t have to worry about how this freak accident could have caused physical and financial ruin and can instead focus on continuing his recovery and enjoying his family.

After suffering an injury on the job, choosing whether or not to hire a law firm can be a difficult decision. Once you decide to make the move, however, choosing the right attorney can prove just as difficult. If you’ve suffered a work injury caused by electricity, we urge you to seek out experienced counsel, even if it isn’t through our law firm.

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