$230,000 workers' comp settlement for injured mechanical assistant. Attorney Matt Jackson Head of Joye Law Firm Workers' Comp Department

This particular case study underscores the challenges faced by individuals seeking legal representation after a work injury. Our client was initially represented by another law firm, where he navigated a year and a half of uncertainty before making the bold decision to switch attorneys. The complexity of such a move is compounded in South Carolina, where attorneys cannot provide legal advice to someone who already has legal representation. However, our client trusted his gut. He decided to sever his relationship with his attorney and reached out to Joye Law Firm, where Attorney Matt Jackson and Case Manager Deana Nash from the North Charleston office took on the case.

Devastating Back Injury While Working as a Mechanic in Charleston

Our client was working as a Mechanical Assistant at a large auto repair shop when he suffered the injury that led to his workers’ compensation claim. After completing a job to repair the elastic on the back of the front seat of a sedan, he found himself unable to stand up. Promptly notifying his supervisor, Human Resources got involved, and a claim was filed. He was sent to an urgent care facility, where he saw a doctor and received medication and light-duty recommendations.

Our client attempted to go back to his job but faced worsening back pain, exacerbated by physical tasks such as oil changes. Seeking further medical assistance, he underwent physical therapy. Unfortunately, it only intensified his pain. Subsequent visits to different doctors led to injections, but they only provided temporary relief and prompted a cycle of pain management care.

Our client’s condition continued to worsen, and he underwent surgery on the SI joint. This initially offered some relief. Sadly, it ultimately proved temporary. Ongoing efforts, including ablation and epidural steroid injections, provided only short-lived benefits as well.

Before the incident, our client was an active and vibrant individual. He enjoyed hiking, owned a Harley, and cherished time with his grandkids and Jack Russell terrier. The injury forced him to sell his beloved motorcycle and restricted his ability to engage in the activities he once loved.

Resolution After a Previous Inadequate Offer

Attorney Matt Jackson’s reputation as a tenacious advocate for clients played a pivotal role in challenging the trajectory of our client’s case. Before coming to Joye Law Firm, our client was offered 45% permanent disability to his back.  Attorney Jackson advised the client that, in his opinion, 45% was an inadequate offer, asserting that for reasons described above, our client was totally and permanently disabled. This strategic decision aimed to secure the maximum compensation our client deserved.

To strengthen the case, Attorney Jackson initiated a vocational evaluation which had not previously been pursued. This comprehensive assessment shed light on the full extent of our client’s limitations and the impact on his ability to work. Armed with this valuable information, Attorney Jackson filed for a hearing, triggering mandatory mediation.

Attorney Jackson took a proactive approach and began negotiations ahead of the scheduled mediation date. Insurance carriers are well aware of Joye Law Firm’s reputation in handling workers’ compensation cases. Recognizing that Attorney Jackson was determined to ensure his client received fair compensation, they acknowledged the severity of our client’s injuries, leading to a settlement amount of $230,000. This exceeded the initial offer our client had received by more than double.

$230,000 Settlement Opens Doors to a New Future

The success of this case also serves as a testament to the importance of quality, comprehensive legal representation. Attorney Matt Jackson challenged conventional approaches, leveraged overlooked evaluations, and proactively negotiated for his client.

While monetary compensation cannot fully erase the physical and emotional toll our client endured, it provided a pathway for him to move forward. Joye Law Firm has represented injured workers in South Carolina since 1968, and our firm is dedicated to making a positive impact in the lives of those who entrust us with their cases. If you or a loved one suffered a life-altering injury on the job, seek the justice your case deserves by contacting Joye Law Firm. We have team members standing by to take your call 24/7, and consultations are always free.

Disclaimer: Past results do not guarantee future outcomes.