Today, over 1.7 million people in the United States are living with limb loss. Many amputations are necessary due to complications from natural illnesses, particularly diabetes. But unfortunately, numerous others result from serious accidents that occur at work, in motor vehicle crashes or in other unexpected circumstances. These traumatic injuries upset the balance of many families’ lives, causing financial and emotional distress that makes recovery even more painful.

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Since 1968, our South Carolina attorneys at the Joye Law Firm have been providing legal representation to injured clients. We helped people who have lost limbs get the compensation they deserve, including a $2.775 million settlement for a man whose leg was amputated after a stairwell collapse and a $2.3 million settlement for a man who lost an arm due to an accident involving unguarded industrial machinery.

While every case is different and past results are in no way intended to imply that a similar result can be obtained in a case, past results obtained by a law firm are an indication of the firm’s experience when it comes to serious injury and wrongful death cases. For more details about the results obtained for previous Joye Law Firm clients, please see the Results tab on our home page.

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Accidental Amputations

Behind vascular disease, traumatic accidents are a leading cause of amputations in the United States. Thankfully, the rate of trauma-related amputations has declined by half over the past two decades, according to the National Limb Loss Center. But those who do suffer an injury face massive medical bills, painful rehabilitation, and possible loss of income and productivity.

The majority of amputations occur due to trauma from:

  • Workplace accidents: According to the National Center for Occupational Safety and Public Health, 18,600 amputations in the U.S. during one recent year were the result of work-related injuries. Accidents typically occur in industries where the use of heavy equipment is required, such as in manufacturing, trade and transportation, construction and farm settings.
  • Motor vehicle wrecks: Millions of Americans are injured in car and motorcycle accidents every year. Not only can limbs be fully torn from the body, but extremities can also be crushed and burned in collisions and require amputation if surgeons cannot repair the damage.
  • Faulty equipment: Malfunctioning home power tools and recreational sports equipment may also lead to amputations.
  • Dog bites: Irreparable damage to veins and arteries after a dog bite can require fingers or other parts of the body to be removed, particularly if proper care is not given to the severed part after the injury.

Long-Term Consequences

About 69 percent of traumatic amputations occur in the upper body. But no matter where the location, a variety of complications can occur after an amputation that will impact the victim’s quality of life, such as phantom pain. Sometimes amputees have the sensation that their limb is still attached to the body. That can manifest in sharp and shooting pain, numbness, a burning or tingling feeling, or the sense that the missing part is in a funny position or moving on its own.

Other complications include: future surgeries, vascular problems, orthopedic issues, back pain, lengthy hospital stays and rehabilitation.

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