$900,000 for elderly woman who sustained multiple fracture injuries in an automobile accident.


settlement to the victims of a semi-truck collision in Sumerton, S.C.


$810,000 settlement for man who sustained electric shock injuries caused by a coffee machine.


$800,000 settlement for a Kershaw County man who suffered a serious back injury after being in a car accident while on the job.


$800,000 settlement for woman injured in a parking garage accident.


$750,000 for a West Virginia woman who had both legs broken after her motorcycle was rear-ended while she was traveling through South Carolina.


$740,000 settlement for railroad worker who fell off of a piece of equipment due to negligent maintenance, resulting in his sustaining multiple fracture injuries.


For an auto accident while on the job. $235,000 in workers’ compensation and $500,000 for the car accident.