$400,000 for a dock worker who sustained a significant back injury while lifting a pallet. This worker’s injuries led to the development of a neurogenic bladder condition, which was the basis of a ‘partial paralysis’ claim.


$398,000 settlement for a Mount Pleasant, S.C. truck driver who sustained a brain injury due to a crash which occurred when a deer ran in front of his truck.


$350,000 settlement for a restaurant worker injured while cleaning, requiring knee surgery.


$330,000 settlement for man injured in fall due to improperly marked wet floors.


$325,000 settlement for a Ladson, S.C. construction worker who had numerous injuries after a brick wall collapsed on him.


$315,000 for a carpenter who injured his lower back while lifting. Our client was able to keep his job, even after his settlement.


$310,000 settlement for a Summerville nurse who injured her back and her right knee if a fall at work.


$299,771.43 for a truck driver who injured his neck and back while lifting a track onto a military vehicle.