According to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), workers in the manufacturing industry face injury risks that are well above the national average. In fact, the BLS reports that over 100,000 manufacturing workers suffer significant on-the-job injuries each year. Some of these injuries are very serious, and they can result in permanent disabilities and in some cases even death. Manufacturing jobs provide the backbone of Clinton’s economy. It is important for the region that the manufacturing sector is able to thrive, but is also critical that worker safety is fully protected. If you or a loved one has suffered an injury in a manufacturing accident, you need to take legal action. Please contact an experienced Clinton workers’ compensation lawyer today to learn more about your legal options.

The Importance of Manufacturing in South Carolina

Manufacturing is a major part of the South Carolina economy. Indeed, over 200,000 workers are employed in the manufacturing sector in the state. This accounts for more than 10 percent of the total workforce. Further, the South Carolina Department of Commerce has noted that the state’s manufacturing sector is particularly resilient. The data indicates that South Carolina manufacturing helped lead the whole Southeast out of the most recent recession. There are many major manufacturing sector employers throughout the state, including in the city of Clinton.

In fact, many of Clinton’s top employers are manufacturing firms. This includes:

  • The Sterilite Corporation, which manufactures household storage products in Clinton and employs more than 450 people;
  • CCL Label, which employs more than 180 people in the process of manufacturing labeling and packaging products;
  • Asten Johnson Inc., which employs more than 220 workers manufacturing press fabrics;
  • Anderson Hardwood Floors, which makes floor products in Clinton and employs more than 180 workers; and
  • Several other smaller manufacturing firms.

Manufacturing is critically important to Clinton’s economy and the economies of the surrounding area, as these plants provide many high quality jobs. These employers need to ensure that they take care of their workers. Worker safety must always come before the bottom line. Unfortunately, when worker safety is placed on the back burner, serious injuries are likely to follow.

The Most Common Types Manufacturing Injuries

Manufacturing injuries occur in a number of different ways. Manufacturing jobs often involve heavy industrial equipment, dangerous chemicals and high levels of stress on the bodies of the employees.

The following is a list of four common types of manufacturing plant injuries:

  • Machinery accidents: Heavy machinery is inherently dangerous. When an accident involving machinery occurs, resulting injuries can be devastating. Proper safety precautions must always be taken when industrial strength machinery is used. Clinton employers owe it to their workers to ensure that proper safety protocols are always in place. Further, machinery must be well maintained. Poor maintenance will put workers at risk.
  • Falling objects: A lot of manufacturing plants have multiple levels, or people working at heights. This creates the potential for a falling objects hazard. Falling objects can cause severe damage, as these type of accidents often lead to workers suffering concussions.
  • Exposure to dangerous substances: Dangerous chemicals, along with other dangerous substances, are often used during the manufacturing process. If proper care is not taken, exposure to these substances can cause serious harm to workers.
  • Repetitive movements: Finally, it is important to recognize that not all manufacturing injuries occur as a result of a single accident. Many injuries occur because of the repetitive stress that has built up on the body over many years. These type injuries are no less real though. Workers suffering from long-term damage are still entitled to fair compensation.

The Three Things You Must Do After a Workplace Injury

Dealing with the aftermath of a South Carolina manufacturing accident is often stressful and confusing. To make matters more complicated, under South Carolina law you will need to take swift action or you could lose out on your legal rights.

If you have been injured in a manufacturing accident, you should immediately take the following steps:

  • Seek professional medical attention: If your injury is serious, you will clearly need emergency medical assistance. However, even if your injury is mild or moderate, you should still see a doctor. This is important for several different reasons. First, many manufacturing injuries have a delayed onset or have slowly built up over time. These injuries are only going to continue to worsen if you do not take action. Further, making a legal claim to recover compensation for your accident requires proving the full extent of your injuries.  This process will be much easier if you have received ongoing medical attention from a qualified medical professional.
  • You must report your injuries: Under South Carolina law, injuries suffered on the job must be reported. Your injury should be reported to your immediate supervisor. It is your legal right, and your legal responsibility, to let your manager know about your injury. If your employer tries to intimidate you into not reporting an injury, they are breaking the law. If this happens to you, please contact a lawyer immediately. Not reporting your injury can destroy your ability to make a claim. All workplace injuries, no matter how minor, should be reported.
  • Consult with a lawyer: A lawyer should comprehensively review your case to ensure that you are getting the full benefits you deserve. Making a claim for your manufacturing accident injury will be complicated. You do not need to go through this process alone. Whether you are filing for South Carolina workers’ compensation or making a work injury claim against a third party, an experienced Clinton work injury lawyer can help.

Our Clinton Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Can Help

If you or a family member has suffered an injury in a manufacturing accident in Clinton, South Carolina, the workers’ compensation lawyers at Joye Law Firm are ready to help. Our lawyers handle each injury claim with the personal attention and care that it deserves. Please do not hesitate to contact our Clinton office today at (877) 721-5638 to schedule a free review of your case. We represent injury victims throughout South Carolina and have additional offices in North Charleston, Columbia and Myrtle Beach.

About the Author

Ken Harrell joined Joye Law Firm in 1994, and has been the managing partner since 2006. With 30 years of experience, he protects the rights of injured South Carolinians, including cases involving workers’ compensation, car accidents, and defective products. Ken also leads the firm’s referral practice, helping to ensure that our clients receive the best possible representation. He is a past president of South Carolina Injured Workers’ Advocates, and has served as the co-chairman of this organization’s legislative affairs committee for 12 years.

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