5 Ways To Support Someone Recovering From a Serious Injury

Every year, thousands of South Carolinians are injured in motor vehicle accidents, falls, and other serious accidents. Traumatic injuries are painful and physically debilitating. They also can adversely affect a person’s ability to hold a job, provide for themselves and loved ones, and enjoy their usual quality of life.

If your loved one is recuperating after a serious injury, experiencing pain and unable to work, he or she may be going through one of life’s most difficult ordeals. You may make a real difference in your loved one’s recovery by providing understanding support. Learn about specific ways you can help an injured loved one.

If you have questions about how you or a loved one can move forward following a devastating accident, contact the compassionate legal team at Joye Law Firm. We’ll take the time to understand your needs and review your legal options to regain control of your life. Our attorneys’ goal is to make a positive difference if the lives of the people who turn to us for help. Whether that involves pursuing an injury claim on your behalf or simply answering your questions and providing some guidance at no charge, we’re ready to assist.

Understanding Life-Changing Injuries and How They Can Affect Us

A life-changing injury is any serious injury that has a long-term or permanent impact on someone’s quality of life. People who suffer life-changing injuries typically face lifelong medical issues, serious disabilities, reduced life expectancy, and expensive recoveries.

The negative effects of a life-changing injury can be hard to bear. Coping with substantial physical pain, limited mobility, financial stress, and other losses can feel isolating and hopeless. Compassionate support from friends and loved ones is an important aspect of recovery after a serious injury.

How Can I Support Someone Recovering From a Serious Injury?

Many people will need some help after a serious injury. If your loved one suffered a traumatic injury, you may find yourself wanting to help but uncertain about what you can actually do to support them in their recovery.

The good news is that there are many simple ways you can help your loved one look out for their physical and psychological well-being. We’ll discuss five key tips for supporting someone you love after a serious injury.

Reassure them with emotional support

Suffering a serious injury can be frightening and sometimes even life-altering. The psychological and emotional toll of a traumatic injury can be just as challenging as the physical aftermath. It is important to provide emotional support to loved ones after a serious injury.

One of the best ways to offer emotional support is to simply be a good listener. Allow your loved one the space to express their emotions and work through their feelings. Avoid making them feel rushed when facing decisions or pushing them to “get over it.”

Do your best to create a safe and calm environment for your loved one where he or she feels supported and free to heal at their own pace.

Help them manage their doctor’s appointments

Navigating the healthcare system can be a challenge even when we are healthy. Managing a calendar full of appointments after a serious injury can feel totally overwhelming. Being an advocate and second pair of ears for your loved one as they attend important follow-up medical appointments can be a lifesaver.

People who suffer serious injuries may be under a physician’s care for a long time. It’s easy to miss an appointment. By assisting your injured loved one in coordinating, scheduling, and traveling to the appointments, you can help them access the care they need to recover as quickly as possible.

It can be helpful to offer your assistance with simple tasks, such as attending appointments with your loved one or writing down home care instructions from their care team.

Make sure they don’t overdo it

Getting sufficient rest is an essential part of recovery from a serious injury, but it’s not as easy as it sounds. Some injured people get impatient and try to be too active too quickly. That can set back their recovery.

Keeping up with simple household tasks can be an exhausting ordeal for an injured person. You can ease your loved one’s burdens by proactively helping them around their home. Taking care of the dishes, cooking, cleaning, and assisting them with bathing or getting dressed upon request can all be extremely helpful.

People may take a while to come to terms with their physical limitations after a serious injury. This is especially true if the injury compromised their ability to live independently.

Help your loved one adjust to diet and lifestyle changes

Serious injuries often have far-reaching effects on a person’s life. In many cases, severely injured people are forced to limit their physical activity, which can have negative physical and psychological consequences.

You can help your loved one adjust to these changes and maintain their general well-being by working with them to develop a healthy eating and exercise plan. Monitoring an injured person’s caloric intake and making wholesome changes to their diet can help them avoid excessive weight gain, which can adversely affect their health.

Helping your loved one keep to a regular schedule of low-impact exercise based on recommendations from a physical rehabilitation specialist can reduce muscle loss, build strength, and improve overall mood.

Make sure your loved one keeps up with their medications

Prescribed medications are an important part of recovery for many people with serious injuries. If a patient is supposed to take a number of medications at different intervals throughout the day, it may be difficult for the person to remember, organize, or order refills of the medications according to schedule.

You can help your loved one by assisting them with their prescriptions. This may include helping them organize pills into a pill reminder, applying topical treatments, and dispensing medications according to their doctor’s orders.

Before you try to help your loved one with their medications or treatment schedule, make sure you have discussed their care with a medical professional so you understand your loved one’s needs.

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If your loved one was injured as a result of someone else’s negligence, another way you can assist is by helping them understand their legal options and selecting the right personal injury lawyer. When you search for legal representation in South Carolina, look for attorneys with a wide range of experience, stellar client reviews, and a history of favorable case results.

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