Personal Injury Protection (PIP) sometimes called “MedPay” or “Medical Pay” is a type of optional insurance coverage that you can opt to add onto your vehicle policy.|

Although not well known or well-publicized, PIP can be a crucial coverage to have, even if it means paying a little extra on your policy. That’s because PIP is a “no-fault” coverage, meaning you can use it to pay your medical bills from a car accident, even if the car accident was your own fault.

PIP/MedPay covers medical bills for you and all the people in your car until you reach your policy limits (the total amount of PIP/MedPay you opted to purchase).

Even if another driver was responsible for your wreck, PIP/MedPay offers you coverage in ADDITION to what the over driver is responsible to pay. This is especially important because in South Carolina, many drivers only carry the state minimum of required insurance coverage, and if you suffer serious injuries, it won’t take long for your medical bills to exceed the amount of car insurance coverage they carry on their auto policy.

Joye Law Firm’s Attorney Jeff Gerardi explains more about this important coverage in this helpful video.

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