Wide Turns Are Illegal in South Carolina

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South Carolina law lays out specific rules about making turns while in traffic. A vehicle must stay within a single lane during the turn. It is prohibited from moving into a different lane until the driver is sure that this can be done safely.

A driver who doesn’t obey the law can face serious penalties. These include a fine of $237 and four points against the driver’s license.

Breaking This Law Endangers Others

South Carolina has good reason to punish violators. Making wide turns that straddle lanes not only affects the flow of traffic but can also cause hazardous situations and needless crashes.

Other drivers may not see a turning car in time to adjust their speed. They also might not be able to make room for the abrupt entrance of the vehicle in their lane. A driver who must swerve to avoid a turning car may wind up colliding with other vehicles nearby.

Some reckless drivers may speed away, unaware of the hazards they cause. This makes it challenging for an accident victim to identify the driver responsible for any injuries or property damage.

If you see someone making a careless turn, remain on guard and drive defensively to dodge an accident.

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