Computer Car Hacking More of a Reality

As computer technology is used more often in new automobiles, research suggests that our cars could become vulnerable to hacking. Although computer systems provide additional convenience for drivers, they conceivably could also allow access for criminals.

If hackers are able to control automobiles by infiltrating their computerized structures, drivers may be helpless to prevent serious car accidents.

Systems that let people plug in their phones or laptops may be vulnerable to hacking. But that isn’t the only method of attack. A group of researchers from the University of South Carolina and Rutgers University hacked into car’s computer system through the pressure monitoring system for car tires. The scientists targeted the wireless technology, which is applied to sensors that checks tire inflation levels.

As ABC News reported, hackers potentially could disable brakes or stop engines, leading to injuries to drivers and passengers. Car companies are trying to prevent hackers from penetrating their computer technology, but it can be a challenge. Researchers hope their work raises awareness among consumers and increases pressure on manufacturers to make car computers more secure.

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