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If you are hurt on the job in South Carolina, you could be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits, and this is likely true even if you had a pre-existing medical condition and an accident at work aggravated or worsened a prior medical problem.

Nobody is in perfect health. Everyone has aches and pains that tend to increase as we age.

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When we go to work, we take our health history with us. The South Carolina workers’ compensation system understands thist protects injured workers even if they have a pre-existing condition. Here are some examples:

  • A worker at a manufacturing plant hurt his ankle in a motorcycle accident some time ago. He received medical treatment and the ankle improved. But one day at work, a piece of machinery is dropped on his foot, aggravating the old ankle injury.
  • An office worker tore ligaments in her wrist while playing with her children. She had surgery to repair the damage. Years later, her job duties – filing, typing and lifting heavy boxes – exacerbate her wrist problem.
  • A store clerk uses medicine and regular exercise to manage his arthritis. He slips and falls at work. This worsens his arthritis so that he is unable to return to work even after the injuries from the fall have healed.

In all of the above cases, the injured worker likely has a valid claim for workers’ comp benefits.

But these kinds of situations call for the help of a workers’ comp attorney.

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Recovering Workers’ Comp Despite a Pre-Existing Condition

It is natural as we grow older to experience weakening and deterioration of our bones, joints and muscles. Sometimes we are hurt in car crashes and accidents at home, school or elsewhere. And sometimes we suffer more than one workplace injury, perhaps years apart, to the same part of our body.

So long as you have not lied about a prior ailment or tried to hide it from your employer, you are likely entitled to workers’ comp if you are injured in an accident at work that:

  • Aggravates a prior condition
  • Exacerbates an earlier injury
  • Causes an old injury to flare up again
  • Worsens your physical health

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