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Can You Text and Drive, and Stay Alive?

Enter your name and phone number to start

Think you can text behind the wheel and still drive safely? Let’s put your skills to the test. Be sure to have your cell phone with you and the sound turned on during gameplay.

After the game, sign the pledge to never text while driving and challenge your friends! #StayAliveGame

US mobile phone number required. Standard text message rates may apply.
Your phone number is only used for gameplay and will not be stored or used for any solication purposes.


Let's look at the facts.

3,154 people died

in crashes caused by distracted drivers in a single recent year.

1 in 10 drivers

under age 20 who were involved in fatal crashes were distracted at the time.

424,000 people were hurt

in accidents with distracted drivers in just one year.

25% of teens

say they text one or more times every time they drive.

Pledge to Never Text While Driving.

The Joye Law Firm encourages you to sign the pledge to never text while driving.

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A big thank you to Jake Gordon at Code inComplete for the original code for this game. Stats from

Use the arrow keys to drive the car.

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