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South Carolina Reporting Authority: Pickens County Coroner’s Office

Type of Accident: Vehicle v. motorized scooter; Vehicle v. bicycle crash

Location of Accident: Prince Perry Rd. and Rocky Lane in Easley, SC; Breazeale Rd. and McClanahan Rd. in Liberty, SC

Injuries: Fatal injuries

Description of Accident: Two separate accidents in Pickens County left two men dead within a short span of hours. In the first wreck, a 64-year-old Easley man was killed in a rear-end collision on Prince Perry Rd. and Rocky Lane, less than a half mile from the man’s home.  According to reports, the man, who was a double amputee, was riding his motorized scooter on the side of the road when he was rear-ended by a car.  The second wreck occurred around 9 pm that evening. A 43-year-old Pickens man riding his bike, when he was fatally struck from behind by a vehicle.

Local media Coverage: Independent Mail