Two Bikers Die in Tragic Motorcycle Wreck in Myrtle Beach

Date of Incident: September 24, 2023

South Carolina Reporting Authority: Greenville County Coroner’s Office

Type of Accident: Moped and Car Collision

Location of Accident: Intersection of West Blue Ridge Drive and Leone Avenue in Parker, S.C.

Injuries: One fatality

Description of Accident: The Greenville County Coroner’s Office has identified a 24-year-old man from Greenville as the victim in a fatal moped crash on West Blue Ridge Drive, also known as S.C. 253, and Leone Avenue. The incident occurred when a moped, carrying two individuals, was hit from behind by a Chrysler sedan while slowing down on S.C. 253. The impact ejected the moped driver, who tragically lost his life after being struck by an SUV. The passenger was transported to a hospital for medical attention.

Local Media Coverage: WYFF 4