ambulance with its lights on

Date of Incident: September 10, 2023

South Carolina Reporting Authority: Spartanburg County Coroner’s Office

Type of Accident: Car Accident

Location of Accident: Intersection of Melvin Hill Rd. and Hwy 11 in Spartanburg County, S.C.

Injuries: Fatal

Description of Accident: A fatal crash occurred at the intersection of Melvin Hill Rd. and Hwy 11 on Sunday. The collision occurred between a 2014 Toyota SUV with three occupants traveling east on E. Frontage Rd and a 2010 Toyota SUV with one occupant heading north on Hwy 11. After colliding, both vehicles veered off  the road, with the 2010 SUV overturning. The driver of the 2014 Toyota SUV, an 81-year-old individual, was pronounced dead around 1:00 p.m. All passengers were taken to the hospital, and the South Carolina Highway Patrol is conducting an investigation.

Local Media Coverage: Fox Carolina