Date of Incident: December 9, 2023

South Carolina Reporting Authority: South Carolina Highway Patrol

Type of Accident: Multi-vehicle accident

Location of Accident: Intersection of US 25 Bypass and West Laurel Avenue in Greenwood, SC

Injuries: One fatality, others injured

Description of Accident: A tragic incident unfolded at US 25 Bypass and West Laurel Avenue as a driver fleeing deputies collided with two vehicles. The Greenwood County Sheriff’s Office initiated a traffic stop of a Dodge Ram after an improper turn on US 25. The Dodge Ram then collided a Jeep, also travelling on US 25, and a Lincoln travelling on Laurel Avenue. While the Jeep’s driver remained unharmed, the occupants of the other two vehicles were hospitalized. The driver of the Lincoln, an 85-year-old lost his life in the crash at 12:53 a.m. The circumstances surrounding this fatal crash are under investigation by the South Carolina Highway Patrol.

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