Woman in Wheelchair Killed by Vehicle in Conway Car Crash

Date of Incident: December 29, 2023

South Carolina Reporting Authority: Richland County Sheriff’s Department

Type of Accident: Head-on Collision

Location of Accident: I-126 near Colonial Life Boulevard in Columbia, SC

Injuries: One fatality another hospitalized

Description of Accident: Around 2:30 PM the Lexington County Sheriff’s Department notified the RCSD of a wanted suspect in a Nissan Versa. RCSD deputies initiated a traffic stop, but the suspect, failing to yield, led them on a chase. Intentionally swerving into oncoming traffic, the suspect’s vehicle collided head-on with another. The horrific collision resulted in the death of the Versa’s driver. An occupant of the other vehicle was hospitalized for evaluation. Two additional vehicles were involved, leading to a prolonged closure of I-126 that afternoon.

Local Media Coverage: https://www.wltx.com/article/news/crime/coroner-identifies-driver-killed-head-on-crash-richland-county-interstate-chase/101-f0e0d096-a045-4dbf-8ab3-26bc74a77c15