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Over the course of a lifetime, most people suffer some type of burn injury. Many kinds of burn injuries can be extremely serious, even life-threatening, if not treated immediately and with proper burn injury protocol. Some burns can leave disfiguring scars and lifelong impairments.

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Types of Burn Injuries

Burn injuries can be caused by a number of different potential sources.

Some of the most common types of burn injuries include:

  • Electrical burns — Electrical burns occur when a victim comes into contact with live electricity. When electricity passes rapidly through the human body, it can cause substantial damage. Unlike other types of burn injuries, electrical burns typically cause more sub-dermal damage, meaning damage under the skin. Tissue deep below the skin’s surface may be seriously damaged, yet the damage is not apparent by simply looking at the entrance or exit point. In addition to tissue damage, an electrical current traveling through the human body can cause severe organ damage. An electrical burn can cause a victim to suffer a heart attack or brain damage.
  • Thermal burns — Burns that result from direct contact with fire or flame is referred to as thermal burns. Thermal burns cause damage to the various layers of skin. The extent of the damage done and the layers of skin affected depend on the type, temperature, and duration of contact with the source of heat. Prolonged contact with fire can result in the most serious type of thermal burn, referred to as a fourth-degree burn. All layers of the skin, as well as nerve endings, blood vessels, glands, muscle, and even bone, can be damaged in this type of thermal burn.
  • Chemical burns — Chemical burns are a type of burn that is most common in the workplace, though they can occur as a result of misuse of industrial chemicals or household products such as cleaners or beauty products. Chemical burns are the result of strong acids or bases found in the products. Acids damage and kill cells by coagulating cells, while bases liquefy cells. A chemical burn may occur immediately upon contact.
  • Burns from hot liquids — Hot liquid burns are the most common type of burn injury suffered by children. Often referred to as scald burns, these injuries can run the gamut from relatively mild to life-threatening. Overheated bathwater is a common source of hot liquid burns, and cooking-related burns are also common. Steam or hot liquids can also cause serious burns in the workplace.
  • Radiation burns — A radiation burn is a type of burn injury that may happen in the workplace if you work around radiation or may be the result of exposure to radiation because of cancer treatment or other medical uses of radiation. A radiation burn injury occurs when the ionizing radiation interacts with cells within the body, damaging them. The body then responds to this damage, typically resulting in erythema which includes redness around the damaged area.

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