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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), an estimated 2.5 million people are diagnosed with a brain injury on an annual basis in the United States. In addition, thousands more brain injuries may go undetected, undiagnosed, and untreated. A brain injury is often classified as “catastrophic” because it affects one of the most important parts of the body and can have lasting effects on your life. Brain injuries can also result in extensive financial losses and can leave your family struggling to pay the bills.

If you or a member of your family has suffered a brain injury in an accident, you should not hesitate to call an experienced Myrtle Beach brain injury lawyer to learn about your legal rights. At Joye Law Firm, we understand how devastating a brain injury can be and we will fight for your rights to financial recovery.

What is a Traumatic Brain Injury?

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) is damage caused to the delicate tissue of the brain due to either direct trauma or a jolt of the head. In either case, the brain can hit against the side of the skull, causing damage and potentially interrupting normal brain functioning. TBIs are classified as either mild, moderate, or severe.

The most common form of mild TBI is a concussion. While classified as “mild,” a concussion should always be taken seriously and should be diagnosed and treated by a medical professional. Both untreated concussions and multiple concussions can have long-lasting and serious side effects, including development of degenerative mental conditions. For this reason, you should visit a medical professional after even a slight bump to the head to ensure you have not sustained a concussion.

Moderate and severe brain injuries can have more severe symptoms that last a longer period of time. For example, moderate TBI can cause noticeable cognitive, physical, and behavioral impairments that can persist for months or even years. Severe brain injuries can cause extended loss of consciousness and coma, as well as permanent disabilities once a victim regains consciousness.

No matter how relatively minor or severe your head trauma may seem, you should undergo a full medical evaluation to ensure that all brain injuries are properly diagnosed–not only for your own safety and well-being, but also to help any personal injury claim that may arise from your injury.

Common Causes of Brain Injuries

Brain injuries can happen in many different ways, many of which are caused by the negligence of others.

The following are only some of the most common causes of brain injuries that may lead to a legal claim:

  • Falls — According to the CDC, 40 percent of all brain injuries occur because of falls. When a person falls, they can easily hit their head and suffer a TBI.
  • Traffic-related accidents — Victims of traffic accidents often hit their heads or suffer a serious jolt upon impact. Motorcycle, bicycle, and pedestrian accidents can especially lead to a TBI.
  • Falling objects — If heavy objects fall off shelves or from other heights, they can land on a person’s head below, causing serious brain damage.
  • Construction accidents — Construction sites have many different hazards that can lead to accidents such as falls, getting hit by an object, large equipment accidents, motor vehicle accidents, and more that can cause TBI.
  • Sports injuries — Certain sports are notorious for causing concussions and other brain injuries, such as football, hockey, boxing, and soccer. If a league does not take proper precautions, a TBI from sports may lead to legal action.
  • Workplace accidents — Certain work environments have hazards that can lead to brain injuries. Injured workers will likely have to pursue benefits through the workers’ compensation system unless they meet certain criteria for a legal claim.
  • Birth injuries — Doctors can make errors during the delivery process that can cause brain injuries to an infant being born. This can include pulling a baby against the pelvic bone or misuse of forceps or vacuums.
  • Nursing home abuse — When an abusive nursing home staff member hits a resident in the face, head, or neck, the resident may likely sustain a traumatic brain injury.
  • Swimming pool accidents — People can sustain damage to the brain tissue in or around a swimming pool due to falls or other trauma, or due to lack of oxygen from near-drowning events.
  • Explosions —  Anyone who is too close to an explosion may have their brain vibrate in the skull, leading to a TBI.
  • Violent assaults — Assaults including blows to the head, getting hit with a blunt object, stab wounds, and gunshots can all lead to severe brain injuries.

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At the Joye Law Firm in Myrtle Beach, we have helped many brain injury victims obtain compensation for their various losses as a result of their life-changing injuries. Please call our brain injury attorneys for a free consultation today at (888) 324-3100.

Brain Injuries Can Result in Extensive Losses

No matter how a brain injury occurred, the effects of the injury will depend on the location of the injury and the severity of the damage. Many brain injury victims require an extended rest period during which they must rest both physically and mentally. For some victims, this can mean missing work or school. Even when they are cleared to return, they may feel ongoing effects and challenges as a result of a brain injury. Such challenges may include communicating in social situations, following instructions, verbal and written expression and comprehension, memory issues, loss of emotional control, and much more.

Some of the many losses that brain injury victims can incur include the following:

  • Extensive medical bills for treatment, hospitalization, and ongoing rehabilitative care;
  • Lost earnings from missed work and the future inability to work;
  • Lost opportunities if unable to finish school or pursue a prior career path;
  • Physical pain and suffering from symptoms;
  • Emotional distress due to impairments and challenges;
  • Loss of enjoyments of life;
  • Permanent disability.

If a brain injury occurred because of another person’s negligence, that person should be held liable for all of the losses experienced by the victim.

Call a Myrtle Beach Brain Injury Lawyer for Help Today

At the Joye Law Firm in Myrtle Beach, we have helped many brain injury victims obtain compensation for their various losses as a result of their life-changing injuries. Please call our brain injury attorneys for a free consultation today at (888) 324-3100.