Generally speaking, any injury you suffer while performing your normal work duties may entitle you to workers’ comp benefits. Some exceptions apply, such as if you were intoxicated when you were hurt and it is proven that your intoxication caused your work accident, or if you intentionally hurt yourself.

In addition to things we normally think of as “accidents,” you may also recover workers’ compensation benefits for occupational diseases (asbestos-related cancer, for example) and for work-related repetitive trauma injuries (such as carpal tunnel syndrome).

Although the workers’ compensation is intended to provide benefits to injured and ill employees with minimal complication, the reality often isn’t so simple. Many employers and their insurance companies try to protect their bottom lines by paying out as little as possible on claims. For example, they may challenge their obligation to pay benefits by raising such issues as alleged intoxication or arguing that an occupational disease or repetitive trauma injury was not work-related.

It is critical for injured workers to have their own advocates who can stand up for their right to workers’ compensation benefits. An attorney may work with medical experts, vocational experts and others to establish a claimant’s right to compensation and the full amount of benefits the claimant deserves under the law.

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