Truck accidents typically cause more serious injuries and fatalities than passenger vehicle accidents. This means the stakes tend to be higher for truck accident victims compared to the victims of car accidents.

It is more subtle legal aspects, however, that truly place truck accidents in a category of their own. For instance, while car accident liability seldom extends beyond the drivers involved, a truck accident may involve liability on the part of the driver in addition to many other parties.

Then there are the numerous federal regulations that the trucking industry must comply with. Car accidents, on the other hand, rarely entail federal regulations.

Even the ways these cases are investigated differ. A trucker, for example, is required to fill out daily logs detailing when they drive, take breaks and sleep, and they are allowed a lower blood alcohol content than other drivers.

Such differences make it very difficult for a truck accident victim to go through the legal process without help from a lawyer who has experience with the legal complexities of truck accidents.