For those who qualify, the S.C. workers’ comp system will pay 100 percent of all “necessary medical treatment that is likely to lessen your disability.” Although you must go to the doctor your employer or its insurance carrier chooses, workers’ comp should pay for surgery, hospitalization, medical supplies, prosthetic devices, and prescriptions. It even pays you for mileage if you travel more than 10 miles for treatment (57.5 cents per mile as of January 2015).

Although this sounds simple, employers and their insurance carriers often dispute medical expenses in workers’ compensation claims. For example, an employer may argue that an operation isn’t medically necessary or a procedure is not related to the workplace injury.

To make sure you get all of the medical benefits the law says you deserve, you should work with a qualified workers’ compensation attorney who will stand up for your rights. The lawyers at Joye Law Firm deal with the South Carolina workers’ compensation system every day. We are familiar with many of the tactics employers and insurance companies use in an effort to minimize what they pay out.

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