South Carolina workers’ compensation provides significant benefits that are most likely not available through your health insurance. Unlike most private health insurance plans, workers’ compensation will pay for 100 percent of the medically necessary treatments that are related to your workplace injury. There are no deductibles, no co-payments and no lifetime caps.

If your on-the-job injury causes you to miss work, you could qualify for disability benefits – something that is unavailable under virtually all health insurance plans. Workers’ compensation will even reimburse you for mileage if you must travel more than 10 miles to appointments or the pharmacy.

Out of fear that a claim may make insurance premiums rise, an unscrupulous employer may encourage you to use your own health insurance instead of seeking benefits from the workers’ compensation system. It is illegal in South Carolina for an employer to require a qualified employee to pay for any medical treatment necessitated by a job-related injury.

You should not be discouraged from filing a workers’ compensation claim because you think it would be easier to rely on your health insurance. Joye Law Firm’s lawyers understand the complex laws and regulations and can guide you through the workers’ compensation process to ensure that you get the maximum benefits you deserve. Let us handle the bureaucracy while you focus on your health.

It costs you nothing to discuss your case with one of our lawyers. Joye Law Firm handles workers’ compensation claims on a contingency basis. That means you pay us no legal fees up front. We get paid a fee only if you recover benefits.

South Carolina law limits attorney fees to a third of the recovery amount in workers’ compensation cases. The South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Commission, however, must approve all fees a workers’ comp lawyer charges a client. In order to be approved, fees must be deemed “reasonable.”

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