At Joye Law Firm, not only do we strive to provide exceptional legal services to our clients, but we also believe in promoting a healthy work-life balance among our team members. This summer, our Social Committee put together a wellness challenge that brought out the competitive spirit and highlighted the dedication to health and fitness within our firm. From June 19th to July 16th, team members were encouraged to stay active and track their steps using wearable fitness trackers provided by the firm.
During the four-week wellness challenge, participants were encouraged to achieve a daily step goal of 7,500 steps. We are delighted to announce that 23 of our team members reached this milestone, each receiving a $50.00 gift card to Amazon. Congratulations to all those who participated and successfully completed this part of the challenge!

In addition to a prize for participating, we gave out prizes for the 3 team members who took the most steps during the challenge:
1st Place- $500
2nd Place- $250
3rd Place- $100

1st Place: Alicia Parler

Topping the charts and claiming 1st place was Alicia Parler, a Litigation Case Manager at our Columbia office. Alicia’s dedication to an active lifestyle and her commitment to constant movement is truly inspiring. She managed an astounding 822,772 steps during the challenge! Alicia’s discipline, determination, and experience as a USAF Veteran helped her secure the top spot.
When asked about her secret to winning, Alicia shared, ” I never owned a Fitbit or any device to measure my daily steps until this Fitbit challenge, so I am not sure how many daily steps I took pre-challenge. I believe the biggest part of ‘winning’ the challenge is already having an active lifestyle and disciplining your mind and body that you are going to constantly move. During the challenge, I realized that the maximum number of ‘counted’ steps was 30,000. So, in the mornings, I would accomplish a minimum of 10k-15K steps. During my work hours, I would jog in place or use my 2 fifteen-minute breaks to do a fast-paced walk around the building. I would use the afternoon to complete another 2-hour non-stop running/fast-past walking exercise until I reached my daily goal of 30,000.”

2nd Place

Securing 2nd place was a Myrtle Beach team member who preferred to not share their personal information online. This individual took an impressive 682,939 steps during the challenge, averaging almost 25,000 steps a day. This team member participated in a 5k during the challenge, which helped them reach the impressive total. However, staying active is nothing new for this motivated person, who also participated in Charleston’s Bridge run 10k back in April. Of the experience, they said “My legs were ready to fall off. I’ve been playing sports since I could walk so being active is just part of my nature.”

3rd Place: Holly Benton

3rd place was claimed by Holly Benton, a Personal Injury Case Manager in our North Charleston office, who took a whooping 656,102 steps during the challenge. Holly shared her journey, saying, “Since I got 20,000 steps the first day, I decided to push myself to see if I could get them every day to the finish. It was a commitment I made to myself, and I decided to see it through.” Holly’s perseverance and creative approach to achieving her step goals, such as walking around her pool (which sometimes ended in taking a swim with her 60lb lap dog, Buster) or stepping in place while watching TV, allowed her to rise to the occasion.

Fostering a Healthy Workplace Culture

Beyond the remarkable individual achievements, another impressive outcome of the challenge was the cumulative steps achieved by the entire firm—an astonishing 11,253,237 steps! This collective effort highlights the enthusiasm and passion our team members have for leading healthier lives. As a firm, we believe that a healthy and active lifestyle not only benefits us individually but also positively impacts our work and the way we serve our clients.

The challenge has sparked a newfound appreciation for incorporating movement into daily routines. By sharing their experiences and strategies, participants have inspired each other to embrace healthier habits, both inside and outside the office. We want to extend a huge thank you to the Social Committee, led by HR Director Tiffany Baker and Litigation Case Manager Beth Stevenson, for hosting the challenge!

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