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In Laurens County and across the nation, enforcement and awareness efforts seem to be having the desired effect on drunk driving. While statistics suggest fewer and fewer individuals nationwide are choosing to use alcohol before driving, this does not mean that the dangers of drunk driving have gone away. In fact, drivers remain at risk of being injured in drunk driving collisions, especially late at night, while driving on rural roads, and/or over major holidays.

Words do not exist to convey the profound tragedy, sadness, and pain that a drunk driving collision can cause for the victim and/or the victim’s family. What makes these collisions even worse is knowing that, had the at-fault driver simply called a designated driver or a taxi, the collision may very well have been avoided altogether. While the Joye Law Firm cannot undo the damage caused by drunk driving accidents, we are committed to helping drunk driving victims and their families move forward after such an accident has occurred. We will aggressively fight to help victims and their families obtain compensation for their expenses and losses so that they might be able to reassemble their lives and continue on.

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Drunk Driving in Clinton, South Carolina by the Numbers

Drunk driving presents a serious risk to Clinton drivers. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC):

  • Nearly 4,000 individuals were killed in drunk driving accidents between 2003 and 2012. This means that there were over 500 deaths per year during this period that were attributable to drunk driving;
  • One and six-tenths percent of South Carolina drivers admit to have drank and thereafter drove when they might not have been capable of doing so. This is slightly below the national average of one and nine-tenths percent of U.S. drivers who admit to driving after having consumed too much alcohol. (Note that these results are dependent upon drivers who self-reported: It is entirely possible that the true percentage of drivers in South Carolina and in the United States who drive drunk is higher.)
  • Men are more likely to have been killed in drunk driving accidents than women, and those between the ages of 21 and 34 were the age group most at risk of being killed in a South Carolina drunk driving accident.

Although there are certain behaviors and habits that can reduce the likelihood of being involved in a drunk driving accident, there is no way to insulate oneself from the risk of being injured or killed in a drunk driving accident. Motorists and passengers injured by drunk drivers (or their families, if the motorist/passenger is killed) are able to bring drunk driving accident lawsuits against the at-fault driver to recover compensation for their injuries and losses.

Compensation Available for Injured and Deceased Victims of Drunk Driving Accidents

If the injury victim survives the drunk driving accident, he or she is likely to suffer thousands of dollars in losses and expenses relating to the accident. These losses and expenses are usually able to be compensated through a successful drunk driving accident lawsuit. These losses and expenses may include: (1) medical and surgery costs already incurred; (2) reasonably foreseeable treatment costs, prescriptions, and/or assistive devices; (3) lost wages; (4) the value of lost opportunities for promotions and other job-related benefits; (5) mental pain, suffering, and anguish; (6) the value of the loss of enjoyment of life; and (7) punitive damages (although punitive damages are not available in every case).

If the victim does not survive, a surviving family member or other designated party may be able to seek compensation on behalf of the deceased victim. This person may be able to recover many of the same types of damages that the decedent would have been able to recover had he or she survived the accident. In addition, funeral expenses, burial costs, and other expenses can also be compensated through a drunk driving car accident claim.


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I really don't know what I would have done or where I would be if it had not been for Ken and Matt. Unless you have been as down as I got, you can't understand it, but those guys really saved my life. There is no way I can say enough to thank them for what they did for me.

-- Marlon, Actual Client

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What Happens After a Clinton Drunk Driving Accident?

Things seem to happen quickly after a drunk driving accident. Emergency medical personnel will be tending to any injured individuals, while law enforcement officers will be providing scene security, collecting evidence for possible prosecution, and handling media and onlookers. What does this mean for you? There will likely be very little opportunity for important evidence for your drunk driving accident to be gathered at the scene. If prompt action is not taken, you may lose evidence that can help your South Carolina drunk driving accident case such as:

  • The blood alcohol concentration of the at-fault driver;
  • Whether the at-fault driver had other substances in his or her blood system, such as illegal and/or prescription drugs (the effect of which can be exacerbated by alcohol consumption);
  • Diagrams and measurements of the accident scene prepared by investigating law enforcement officers that can provide important information for accident reconstruction experts and engineers;
  • Pictures and the records created by emergency medical technicians at the scene (these often are able to provide a better “picture” of your condition immediately after the drunk driving accident).

This is where the assistance of your South Carolina drunk driving accident attorney can help. While you are recovering from your injuries and attempting to put your life back together following a drunk driving crash, your legal guide can take the steps necessary to preserve this evidence and begin constructing your case. Your lawyer can handle the legal aspects of preparing, filing and prosecuting your case, allowing you to tend to your health and recovery.

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Clinton motorists who have been injured by a drunk driver may find it challenging to reach out to the Joye Law Firm for help. Embarrassment, uncertainty, or stubbornness should never prevent you from obtaining the representation and advocacy you need to help you through this difficult time. Contact the Joye Law Firm as soon as possible following a Clinton, SC drunk driving accident and let our skilled advocates help you. Call (877) 936-9707 or contact us online today.


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