truck driver drug use

Just because a drug is legal doesn’t mean that it’s safe to take while at the helm of a dangerous piece of equipment like a heavy tractor-trailer.

Even common over-the-counter medications can have side effects that impede safe driving.

Yet many truck drivers use prescription and OTC drugs that can cause drowsiness, slowed reaction times, blurry vision and nervousness – all of which can contribute to a serious accident.

Some truckers even abuse legal drugs to keep them awake or calm their nerves.

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Medication Use Common in South Carolina Truck Accidents

Federal regulations prevent truck drivers from operating their vehicles if they take a medicine – prescription, illegal or over-the-counter – that affects their ability to drive safely.

That rule is frequently broken. Statistics from the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration show that 48 percent of truck drivers involved in crashes had either a prescription or an over-the-counter drug in their systems. FMCSA numbers show that OTC drug use was a contributing factor in 17 percent of those wrecks, while illegal drugs played a role in only 2 percent.

Illegal drugs are a smaller problem for truck safety because commercial truck drivers face regular drug testing. Legal drugs are another matter.

Certain legal drugs are ruled out by the FMCSA, and people with certain health conditions are disqualified from driving heavy trucks. However, evidence shows that many truckers are able to dodge the regulations by doctor shopping to find a physician who will give them the approval needed to get behind the wheel of a tractor-trailer.

Like any other person, truck drivers also frequently self-medicate with common over-the-counter drugs when they suffer illnesses. They might also take certain OTC drugs that are known to have a stimulating or other desired effect.

Although truck drivers have a duty to make sure any medications won’t cause side effects that impair their ability to drive, many don’t read the label of OTC medications because they assume it must be safe since it’s so freely available. They might also ignore warnings included with prescription drugs.

Unfortunately, this problem is likely to get worse, because the average age of truck drivers is increasing.

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