failure to yield accident

When the driver of an 80,000-pound tractor-trailer rolls through a red light or a stop sign, the outcome can be devastating – if not deadly – for anyone unfortunate enough to be in the truck’s path.

Despite being responsible for such a potentially dangerous vehicle, many truck drivers still fail to obey traffic signals and signs like they are legally required to.

The causes can include inattention, fatigue, speeding or pressure to make a delivery on time.

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Many Factors Can Cause a Failure-To-Yield SC Truck Accident

Driving a tractor-trailer requires extra skill and patience compared to driving a passenger car or pickup truck. However, too many truck drivers fail to exercise the necessary caution when behind the wheel.

While running a red light or rolling through a stop sign might seem like a minor traffic infraction, it can have very serious repercussions when an innocent motorist, cyclist or pedestrian is in the path of the tractor-trailer.

In some instances, a truck driver fails to stop at a red light, stop sign or crosswalk due to inattention. Sometimes that inattention is caused by truck driver fatigue – the driver could even have momentarily lapsed into sleep. Or, the truck driver could have been distracted by something in the cab of the truck, such as a cell phone, a computer or a stereo.

Drowsiness caused by the truck driver’s use of legal medications could also be to blame.

In some scenarios, the truck driver might have intentionally failed to yield the right-of-way because he or she was trying to make better time due to pressure from the trucking company or shipper to deliver cargo on time. This is typically considered a form of reckless driving.

Our attorneys at Joye Law Firm can investigate the accident and sort through all of the facts to determine why it happened and who should be held responsible. If the driver had a history of failure-to-yield infractions or if company policy encouraged law breaking to make speedy deliveries, the trucking company could be on the hook for punitive damages.

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