defective truck brakes accident

Brakes are one of the most important safety features on a tractor-trailer, and with 18 wheels and 18 sets of brakes, there are many opportunities for something to go wrong.

When something fails, it can mean catastrophe for other motorists.

Brakes are so critical for truck safety that federal regulations require truck drivers to inspect their brakes each time before they head out on the road.

Time and cost restraints, however, sometimes cause trucking companies and truckers to cut corners with maintenance and repairs.

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Truck Brake ‘Failures’ Usually Result from Bad Maintenance

Many times after a truck accident, the truck driver will claim that the brakes “just went out,” failing to stop the big rig without warning. Experts say that such sudden, catastrophic brake failures are exceptionally rare.

The reason? The air brake systems on tractor-trailers have many safety features and backups to prevent the system from failing completely. Most trucks even have a separate emergency braking system that relies on springs and cables, not the pressurized air system.

The real cause of most so-called brake failures is not a spontaneous absence of stopping power — it’s the result of miles and miles of poor maintenance.

Title 49 of the Code of Federal Regulations requires truckers to inspect their brakes every day and note any problems in the daily log. The problems must be fixed before the big rig can take to the highway.

In reality, many tractor-trailers with brake problems hit the road every day, loaded with thousands of pounds of cargo and reaching speeds of 70 mph or more. Too often they aren’t up to doing the task safely.

Besides failing to replace worn brake shoes or pads and failing to make sure airlines and mechanical systems are in good working order, one of the most common maintenance problems stems from brake imbalance. This happens when the truck is improperly loaded or, more frequently, when brake systems are not properly adjusted or the brake components on the same axle are not matched up.

Because a truck with imbalanced brakes doesn’t stop in a straight, controllable manner, brake imbalance causes many common types of truck accidents, including loss of control, jackknifing and trailers that swing off course. Improper maintenance can also cause brakes to fade or catch fire. When brakes fade, it takes more force — and distance — to stop the vehicle.

In other instances, operators seeking to cut costs and increase profits will delay brake repair and the replacement of worn parts. Unlike a broken-down engine, a truck with bad brakes can still haul loads — it just can’t stop as it should. It takes long enough to stop a heavy tractor-trailer with good brakes. One with bad brakes can cause a serious accident.

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