Common Causes Of Motorcycle Accidents

Lack of visibility and other drivers’ inattention are to blame for many South Carolina motorcycle accidents. About half of all collisions with motorcycles happen at intersections, according to statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

Other drivers making left turns in front of motorcycles pose a particular hazard, but wrecks also happen where a car or truck pulls into the path of an oncoming motorcycle from a side street, parking lot or driveway. Other factors that frequently contribute to South Carolina motorcycle accidents include: the instability inherent in a two-wheeled vehicle, other drivers’ blind spots, tailgating or “cutting off,” speeding or other reckless driving, distractions, defective road conditions, vehicle defects and driving under the influence.

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When a motorcycle accident occurs, determining the cause of the crash becomes extremely important because it can determine whether someone else should be held legally liable for your injuries. If another driver is responsible for the accident, our South Carolina motorcycle accident attorneys can assist you in collecting full and fair compensation for your losses.

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South Carolina Motorcycle Crashes and Passenger Vehicles

NHTSA has compiled statistics in order to help determine some of the common causes of motorcycle crashes. According to its most recent published reports:

  • 47 percent of fatal motorcycle accidents involved a motorcycle colliding with another vehicle.
  • 77 percent of motorcycles involved in two-vehicle crashes were hit in the front of the bike and 2 percent in the rear.
  • 41 percent of motorcycle crashes involved the other vehicle turning left and the motorcycle either going straight or passing the vehicle.
  • 28 percent of fatal motorcycle crashes with two vehicles involved both vehicles going straight.

These statistics indicate that motorcycle accidents tend to be most dangerous when a motorcycle and a passenger vehicle collide.

Common Causes of South Carolina Motorcycle Crashes

Although each accident is different, there are some common causes that are frequently involved in motorcycle accident cases. These include:

  • Failure of drivers to see motorcycles turn at intersections. Because motorcycles are small, many motorists simply don’t see them — especially if the driver isn’t paying attention. Motorists may also be inclined to make quick turns at traffic intersections, failing to notice oncoming motorcycles.
  • Motorists failing to yield to motorcyclists. This can occur at highway ramps, exits or entrances and parking lots. Often, this failure to yield is also caused by the driver not taking the time to see the motorcyclist. When obstacles such as buildings, parked cars or bushes are present, this can also contribute to the driver of a passenger vehicle failing to yield.
  • Drivers engaging in distracted driving. If other drivers are texting, talking on a cell phone or eating and drinking, it is more likely that they will fail to see motorcycle riders around them.
  • Driving while intoxicated. If the driver of the passenger vehicle is driving drunk, this can be a major contributing factor in a motorcycle accident.
  • Motorists failing to correctly judge the speed of motorcycles. Many drivers of passenger vehicles are simply not able to assess how quickly a motorcycle is moving.
  • Motorists following too closely behind motorcyclists. Motorcycles typically have shorter stopping distances due to their lightweight, so they are particularly susceptible to being rear-ended by inattentive drivers or tailgaters.
  • Motorists hitting motorcycle riders in their blind spot. In many cases, a motorist will fail to perform a “head check” while switching lanes and crash into a motorcycle rider who was in their blind spot.
  • Potholes or debris on the road. These are a major cause of single-vehicle motorcycle accidents. Due to their design, motorcycles face a greater hazard from steep shoulder drop-offs, potholes, cracked or grooved pavement, gaps between different road surfaces, puddles and road debris. In some cases, the government agency or individuals responsible for maintaining the road may be held liable if road defects cause or contribute to the accident.
  • Defects with the motorcycle. If the motorcycle itself malfunctions or has a design defect, this can contribute to causing an accident. In these instances, the manufacturer of the motorcycle could potentially be held liable in a products liability lawsuit

As these common causes show, often someone besides the motorcycle rider causes or contributes to the accident and should be held responsible. Our South Carolina motorcycle accident lawyers can help you to determine which of these or other factors caused your accident and can assist you in assessing whether someone else should be held legally responsible.

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