Accident Reconstruction & Car Crash Lawsuits in South Carolina

After a car accident, the recollections of those involved may not be reliable when it comes time to explain what happened and why. A car accident victim who has suffered a serious personal injury may not really know what happened. In a fatal car accident, there may not be a witness to question. Sometimes a key part of a thorough investigation into a car accident is an accident reconstruction, typically developed by engineers who focus on this kind of forensic work. These professionals, including those who Joye Law Firm frequently works with, are considered experts by the courts. Their opinions and testimony may help demonstrate liability for personal injuries and wrongful deaths in motor vehicle accidents.

Joye Law Firm’s car accident attorneys work to build solid cases for our clients, and developing a full accident reconstruction is just one of the services we provide when it is beneficial to a car accident case.

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Reconstructing a Car Accident

Law enforcement officers file accident reports after car, truck and motorcycle accidents that generally describe the traffic violation or crime that may have occurred. But an investigation meant to show liability for injuries or a wrongful death must often go deeper than a police report.

A forensic reconstruction of a car accident may greatly supplement police reports and the testimony of crash victims or witnesses. It can help those who are hearing a car accident case develop a picture in their minds of the sequence of events in a wreck.

As one forensic automotive technician wrote, “[accident] reconstruction is the process of using physics to determine the speeds of the vehicles, and/or their relative positions at different times during the accident sequence.”

In general, an engineer reconstructing a car accident may record, measure or determine:

  • Damage to the vehicles
  • Pre- and post-impact direction of travel
  • Impact angles
  • Length of pre-impact skid marks and yaw marks
  • Post-impact distances moved
  • Friction values for the various surfaces the vehicles traveled over
  • Weights of the vehicles

Reconstruction experts may also seek the event data recorder (EDR) available in certain car models. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has proposed that all automakers equip new consumer vehicles with the devices beginning in September 2014.

These devices, similar to the “black box” on a commercial airliner, record data from a variety of sensors in a vehicle and store it if an airbag is deployed, typically in a crash.

Data potentially available includes:

  • Date and time of the crash
  • Vehicle speed
  • Engine speed
  • Steering angle
  • Throttle position
  • Braking status
  • Force of impact
  • Seatbelt status

A properly performed car accident reconstruction may be used to bolster the injured crash victim’s claim or to challenge testimony by the defendant. Data may reveal that failure of the vehicle or faulty motor vehicle parts contributed to a car accident.

An accident reconstruction is one more weapon the team of attorneys from Joye Law Firm may take into negotiations with insurers or into court as we pursue justice on our clients’ behalf.

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