3 Safety Tips as Hurricane Hermine Eyes South Carolina

Hurricane Hermine is just off the Florida coast and is intensifying before it makes landfall and eventually moves into South Carolina. Coastal cities like Charleston and Myrtle Beach are at risk for damaging storm surges and heavy currents. Charleston, Myrtle Beach and inland areas, like Columbia, are all facing significant rainfall.

Although Hurricane Hermine is not expected to cause widespread damage, it is still important for South Carolina families to be prepared. Heavy storms and even tornadoes are possible. South Carolinians know that we have to be ready for whatever Mother Nature throws at us – and to expect the unexpected.

Here are 3 key tips to help keep you and your family safe through the storm:

1. Have a Plan.
Every family in South Carolina should have an emergency plan and know their evacuation routes, especially those in coastal cities like Charleston and Myrtle Beach. Stock up on emergency supplies including medical items, food, water, batteries, clothing and other important items to ride out the storm – remembering you may be left without electricity for significant periods. If conditions worsen and an evacuation becomes necessary, you don’t want to be caught off guard. Contact friends or family ahead of time to arrange a safe place to stay if staying home becomes dangerous.

2. Don’t Drown, Turn Around!
Did you know that flood-related drownings are the leading cause of death during natural disasters? Over half of those deaths are a result of people driving into floodwaters and becoming trapped. Many people may not realize how little water it takes before a driving situation can become treacherous. It takes just 12 inches of flowing water to sweep away a vehicle from the roadway. With forecasts calling for 4 – 8 inches of rain, plus locally higher amounts, it is important for South Carolina drivers to steer clear of flooded roadways, even if the water doesn’t appear too deep. The depth can difficult to judge, especially at night. If possible, stay off the roadways altogether.

3. Report Damage.
Additional threats from Hurricane Hermine are falling limbs, power lines and other dangerous debris scattered by high sustained winds and powerful gusts. If you come across downed power lines, always assume they are energized and NEVER attempt to touch them. If the power lines are submerged, stay out of the water. Call 911 to report immediate dangers and emergencies.

Here are Some Important Resources –

The following radio and television stations are key participants in the Emergency Alert System and the ETV Radio Network

– WIWF 96.9 FM
– WEZL 103.5 FM
– WSCI 89.3 FM

Myrtle Beach
– WYAV 104.1 FM
– WLFF 106.5 FM
– WHMC 90.1 FM

– WJMX 103.3 FM
– WYNN 106.3 FM

– WFBC 93.7 FM
– WESC 92.5 FM
– WEPR 90.1 FM

– WBBQ 104.3 FM
– WEKL 105.7 FM
– WLJK 89.1 FM

– WCOS 97.5 FM
– WTCB 106.7 FM
– WLTR 91.3 FM
– WRJA 88.1 FM

York/ Rock Hill
– WRHI 1340 AM
– WRHM 107.1 FM
– WNSC 88.9 FM
– WNSC 88.9 FM

Beaufort/Hilton Head
– WJWJ 89.9 FM

Important Sites/Links –

Remember to call 911 for all emergencies!

Situation Reports and News Releases
S.C. Emergency Management Division

Charleston County Emergency Management

Traffic Information
Department of Public Safety/Traffic

Traffic Cameras
Department of Transportation

National Hurricane Center

American Red Cross

American Red Cross Safe and Well

S.C. Web Site

S.C. Salvation Army

Federal Emergency Management Agency

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